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Thread: 80 But Ready For Nax?

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    80 But Ready For Nax?

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Thats my Armory i've been 80 for just a couple days now and trying to get upgrades everywhere i can. Question is where should i go from here to be ready to tank Nax or for that matter how would i fare going in with my current gear if thats even an option. (not sure if it updated but i have the epic UP tanking sword no longer the blue).

    Any advice as to where to go and what not would be greatly appreciated, right now im trying to find a replacement trinket for that old stone.

    P.S. Currently running 26.2k hp (w/o CS) -- 18.77% dodge -- 17.26% Parry -- 17.26% Block. -- 558 Defense

    EDIT: fixed the link, thnx
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    You're fine for Naxx, as for starting I would say spider wing since it's not too hard.
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