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Thread: When does Parry surpass Dodge cause of DR?

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    When does Parry surpass Dodge cause of DR?

    I got ~25% dodge on my warrior and 18% parry.

    Now I'm gonna gem a red socket using a purple gem for max stam but also avoidance, either Regal Twilight Opal or Defender's Twilight Opal. Now that my dodge is way higher trhen my parry, does it's DR make it less useful to use Regal Twilight Opal gem then Defender's Twilight Opal? Though on equal basis dodge > parry, but I wonder at what point does equal ratings of parry become equal or better then dodge.

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    Satrina's post on DR, it's a good place to start.

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    Probably the easiest thing to do is to get a mod like ratings buster. I think it shows you how much avoidance you would gain for an item after diminishing returns that way you can see the real increase a gem is giving you.
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    Bah, I posted here cause I was lazy, wanting someone to do the math for me

    But finally managed to toughen up and did the math.

    Apparently I'm gaining
    ~ 0.13456% parry from 8parry rating
    ~ 0,14852% dodge from 8dodge rating
    And that's already with 25% dodge and 18% parry, so I'm guessing parry has a long way to go before it starts surpassing dodge.

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    I posted an answer to this on the EJ forums here (my account name on that site is Kreen, though I have my warrior as my main in my profile )

    The post derives a formula for the relationship between dodge and parry at different gear levels.

    I would repost it here, but the post has a lot of lines of LaTeX for posting math so it would be hard to repost clearly.

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    off topic;
    If you are a two-handed weapon user (DK?) parry is always better than dodge but if you are a pallie AOE tanking then dodge is better & of course if your just a warrior trying to reach the crit cap parry is marginally cheaper than dodge but its all situational.

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