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    I know it's cliche to come and post an obligatory 'HELP ME NAO' post.

    But I would like to ask some help from more experienced TankSpot frequents to help me in choosing my path for gear. Which Heroics would be best to run and in a particular order if any at all. And if you have a few more seconds is my gear okay to start tanking Naxx/10-mans (MT/OT?)

    Arm : The World of Warcraft Armory

    Here are my stats if you are at work and cannot see the armory.

    Spec : 12/5/54
    HP : 21181
    AC : 21447
    Def : 540
    Dodge : 16.87 %
    Parry : 15.21%
    Block : 15.6%
    Resilience : 12
    Hit Rating : 67
    Attack Power : 2005
    Crit Chance : 7.69% (God that's horrible.)
    Expertise : 27

    And I am a 450 Miner/BS if that helps but I've crafted most everything that is an upgrade to me so far. With the exception of the Titansteel stuff, I am saving my bars for a piece.



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    Get the boots and cloak from wyrmrest rep. The trinket from reg halls of lightning is really nice aswell. I think there is one from heroic gundrak aswell.

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