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Thread: Which rep to work on for a fledgling 80

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    Which rep to work on for a fledgling 80

    I just hit 80 and I was wondering which rep I would work at and which tabard to wear. I guess which is the very best reward between the Ebon blade, argent crusade, wyrmrest accord, or kirin tor.

    Thanks Krisby

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    Personally, I will hit Wyrmrest Accord first. The tanking items are too good not to get.

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    Head enchant is argent crusade revered so it's pretty trivial to get if you've run most of the quests. Just grab the tabard and do like 3 instances and you're set...I did that one first just because it was easy.

    Sons of Hodir is the shoulder enchants, but that's tabardless so you have to go grind dailies and crap...you can do that while doing the others.

    Wyrmrest has a bunch of entry-level tanking gear at the various rep levels, so once you bang out argent you should switch to this to get the shinies (the chest and cloak in particular). Which is what I'm doing now.

    At that point, I think, Ebon Blade is good for dps enchants and the boots are nice too (the tanking ones are nice for sbv and the heroic-level epics are nice for dps).

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    I went Wyrmrest to Revered (3 tank upgrades), followed by Argent Crusade to Revered (1 tank upgrade). Right now I am focused on Kirin-Tor to exalted for the gloves, but we'll see how that goes. As it stands right now with the pace I see rep rolling in, it should be a non-issue to cap them all relatively quickly.

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    Wyrmrest Accord

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    I posted a comparison in my blog yesterday, and came up with the decision to do Wyrmrest Accord first, Argent Crusade second, and finish off with Sons of Hodir.

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    I saw the OP and was about to refer him to your blog, Kadomi - nice work there!

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    So much rep to work on >.< hehe

    Iíve done all of one heroic run so far, I will be putting some proper time in this weekend. I was thinking to go with Wyrmrest first, to Revered for a new chest, and then Argent to Revered for the helm arcanum and then Iíll see how it goes. I havenít even finished questing in Zulídrak yet, so I will try to make a start on Sons of Hodir early next week for new shoulder enchants.

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    You'll be surprised how fast it goes, actually.

    Personally I did Wyrmrest to revered, then Argent Crusade to Revered, and am now working on Kirin Tor to Exalted (even if I get better hands in due course, getting cheap repairs is good!)
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