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Thread: Hyperspeed Accelerators

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    Hyperspeed Accelerators

    Hyperspeed Accelerators

    Any engineers out there experimented with this new enchant? Kinda interested on how well it would be for prot warriors having it macroed into abilities and kept on CD combined with my Blood Fury racial.

    My gut instict tells me that the hit or expertise would outperform this if youre not capped, but I havent seen much said about this so I figured I'd bring it up.

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    That's 340 haste rating during 8 seconds, wich is roughly 22,66 Haste Rating if you burn the CD everytime it's up. Compare that to your +hit enchant


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    3.0.8 "Reduced the cooldown and increased the duration of the effect for Hyperspeed Accelerators."

    I wonder if this will be a better enchant than (+2% threat & 10parry) especially if you are using a slow tanking weapon like Broken Promise cause it increase dps.

    Anyone can do some math on it?

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