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Thread: Stratholme 5man heroic Bronze Drake run guide.

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    Stratholme 5man heroic Bronze Drake run guide.

    So we tried it out 2 days ago, friend had a beta key so he's done it a few times. I don't know if anyone have posted about this or done it really yet but I haven't seen any so I figured I'd make one for you guys.

    Group makeup was prot warrior, holy paladin, mutilate rogue, BM hunter, ret paladin.
    Couple of Naxx 25 loots, sath, 10 man etc.. Heroic gear, Normal gear, T6 .. k.

    Well basically the run is all about moving fast, obviously. Start the event by initiating arthas' long talk with urthar and jaina. Arthas will then enter town and "dispose" of the sick townspeople.
    Kill them. Soon there will be a red emote and more importantly, an arrow on your mini-map. The arrow leads to a group of elites which need to be killed asap to engage the next wave. As you run there simply take any adds with you, use any aoe's along the way -- tclap consecrate etc. The waves are not very hard, and the first few are a joke but it does get progressively harder... i guess. Similar to hyjal there will be ghouls, necromancers, good ole Aboms (Bile golems), SPIDERZ (Crypt fiends // Tomb Stalkers) and I believe there are some acolytes. Generally the kill order is not a big deal, I prefer -->aboms, crypt fiends, tomb stalkers , necros, etc.
    Not sure if I read the tooltip correctly, but I believe the aboms have some sort of healing debuff they put on the tank so logically, get rid of them if your dps can support it.

    So after each wave, a new arrow will appear on the minimap. Follow it. Move fast, same show. We had a hunter so after clearing the zombies on a certain path we were able to throw Aspect of the Pack up, but make sure its off before engaging. Similarly, if you have a LW bring some drums of speed for the long runs. When you are undergeared every second does count at first. We generally moved towards the middle after each wave in order to be in a better position for the next wave.

    After Wave 5: First boss. Meathook. He does hit kinda hard, but its just a basic tank and spank. I had to blow a last stand and trinket after a few big hits.

    After each boss fight there is a ton of time to mana up,and again move a little toward the middle as well to prepare for the next wave.

    After Wave 10: Second boss. Salramm the Fleshcrafter. He is a caster. He spawns some ghouls so pick them up, but overall they are pretty negligible. I'm forgetting this off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure he cannot be interrupted.

    For my warrior kin, as stated in this post. SPELL REFLECT. Throughout the waves necromancers shadow bolts can and should be reflected for upwards of 6k damage which is very decent. Salramm's shadowbolts can be reflected as well.

    AFTER THE WAVES: Follow arthas to townhall. AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE-- TALK TO HIM. Enter the building, there will be 3 people who transform into those chrono-dragonthings from durneholde//BM(sorry i suck at lore) The girl is a caster. Kill them and go up the stairs to the top. 4 adds will come out of a portal. Don't blow a tclap or anything as soon as they spawn because it takes a few seconds before you can actually hit them. Keep moving, this is all scripted now until the boss so you are stuck waiting for spawns because Arthas is slow..

    Run through the hallway and some will spawn both in front and behind you so make sure to pick them all up with any aoe abilities.

    Few more mobs and boss time.

    For Chrono-Lord Epoch its mostly tank and spank again, bosses in this instance are very simple. He does do some kind of wounding strike I believe its called, which the tooltip read a healing debuff. Anyway, just burn through him heal up and you'll be fine.

    Talk to arthas again, and head through the bookshelf. From this point on its a sprint to the end. As the tank it is your job to know how much you can pull, make sure not to get too many. Going a little slower is much better then a wipe. Our ret pally got carried away at one point and ended up dying so be careful. Once you see the small corridor from which you entered you are almost there. Take a left and engage the chrono-guy.

    Burn him down and pickup your drake. We had 6 minutes left on our timer after a flawless run. With more gear this place will be cake. Its also probably one of the fastest instance runs as well for badge farming purposes.

    After that you can kill Mal'ganis who is the last boss.

    Ciderhelm also made and excellent video with a voice over guide for this as well in the above post. Check it out.


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    No Chievs!!!!?? Group up and kill all those Zombies fast!!

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    Just wanted to comment on the trash mobs in there. If you are a big fuzzy bear like me you want to burn the necros first then the crypt stalkers. Ive noticed i can have the abombs beat on me forever without needing much heals but the necros eat through my 32k health pool extremely fast. Casters love to light up the fuzzy butts

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    Actually my take on this is.. AOE tank everything.

    Just make sure you have at least one AOE DPSer that knows his stuff.

    Otherwise its a cake walk.

    My team reach Chrono Lord around the 21st minute mark I think.

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    I just want to add that we got to the boss and got him down to 15% health.... and then the timer ran out and he walked through the portal...... no drake

    We were all quite sad, although several of us were fairly undergeared as well so it should be easy for us to move faster


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