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Thread: [movie]Heroic Sartharion

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    [movie]Heroic Sartharion

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to post about a video, if not feel free to move it please .

    So this movie is from a maintank PoV, me, and although I made it for my guild at first, I thought it could maybe help people from here.

    I'm not a pro moviemaker, hence the large size of the video, but I still recommend to download it since the stream is kind of ... horrible.

    [ame=";12744459;/fileinfo.html"]Overload_sartharion.avi - .com/ffv6/player/vp_embed.swf?v=885422[/ame]

    Also, the movie features a modified Xav's UI in action (I love it). Please forgive the clicking here and there as I was leading the raid and a bit nervous since the alliance was also on the boss at the exact same moment ^^.

    Music is Breaking Benjamin - Until the End
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