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Thread: Warrior Tank DPS vs other tanks DPS?

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    Warrior Tank DPS vs other tanks DPS?

    My DPS while tanking is always around 1.4K. Sometimes if there's a couple more mobs I might pull 1.7K+, and if there's too many mobs I might not even pull 1.2K.

    I'm pretty familiar with the priorities I have for DPS, and have a pretty good rotation, I don't think I'm doing anything wrong.

    When I'm not the MT my pally friend or my other DK buddy are the MT's and they always pull 2k+ DPS while tanking.

    Either A. I suck and am doing something wrong, or B. Warrior tanking DPS is supposed to be lower....


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    Would help to know the content you're raiding and spec you're running.
    A WWS or World of Logs or something could help as well.
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    Between the 3 warrior tanks in the guild I'm running with none of us do spectacular dps when compared to a Paladin. DK tanks seem to tank through DPS, so it is no wonder that they will have higher DPS than other classes.

    I look at the logic behind tanking: Are you losing threat to other classes? If the answer is no, then don't worry about your DPS. If you are holding threat on a boss against a 25 man raid group with a couple of people doing 6-8k DPS, I could care less about my DPS.

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