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Thread: Heroic dps plate

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    Heroic dps plate

    I noticed alot of Heroic DPS plate has hit or haste instead of crit. (Echoing Stompers and Cast Iron Shackles to name a couple)

    I like the hit but should I be taking the haste over gear with slightly less str that has crit? Are there any reasons why these items are itemized like this? I normally play prot and pve dps is fairly new to me.

    Im currently using an arms build and normally I sit around 30% crit while buffed in a group.

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    Those items have agi on them, which gives crit. Admittedly, 28 crit is better than 28 agi, but they have crit

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    mb its not the perfect combination of stats but thats how id gear

    hitcap = expertisecap > good amount of str ( ap ) / Crit > haste / arpen

    you need some str / crit to scale well with each other and gemming or gearing haste / arpen depends on equipment and raidbuffs

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