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Thread: Unholy Tank spec Discussion

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    Updates from 3.3

    Many of the builds above are not competitive since the new sweeping changes that came about with patch 3.3. And some of them that do not include basic things like 5/5/5 across the board make me cringe... At what point do Unholy Tanks suddenly pass up blatantly obvious survivability. I can see passing up lower threat talents for more survivability or plug a vulnerability in your raid... but that is just sad.

    At the time of writing this its 3.3.2 (March 2010) I encourage anyone reading... Please stay current with "new" threat analysis found here:


    The builds discussed in the link above are still relevant. Please read the threat analysis. I would like to highlight:

    No Reaping being the primary winner because as it stands now Unholy tanks do not get enough +dps stats to use 1 Scourge Strike...as apposed to 2x Blood Strikes. Since 2x Blood strikes is better then 1 Scourge taking Reaping is a waste.
    Especially if you take desolation. (Buff activated after using bloodstrike.)

    No Reaping Build:

    Necrosis is awesome for ST threat... Lets stop spreading misinformation. Necrosis is fantastic. Please check out his alternative builds for AMS/AMZ where he takes 4 points out of lower threat talents to achieve this without hindering threat too noticeably.

    Side note:

    Those same 4 points can also be used to get a ghoul... if your into that type of thing. My friend and I tried it out, he had fun blowing his ghoul up with CE for extra AOE threat. I had fun eating it whenever i needed. We both use the same shift modifier for an extra interrupt (1 minute cooldown blows though since they nerfed it) I have a macro keyed into RS which makes him great at kicking over enemy totems and freeing players . It's Probably more work then its worth. I find being lazy with macros helps. Your mileage may vary but id like to point out its basically same foundations as No Reaping with AMZ to do this.

    Useful Macros:

    (Mouseover) Pet Attack
    /petattack [target = mouseover]
    /cast Rune Strike

    Allows you to order your pet around and keeps track of what hes on via focus. This is the best totem killing macro I could come up with. Its a shame we can't target them by name anymore.

    Attack & Leap Back

    [/cast whatever you start your rotation with, or nothing at all if you want to send him in alone]
    /cast [@target, exists, harm] Leap
    /stopmacro [@target, harm]
    /cast [@target, exists, noharm] Leap
    /stopmacro [@target, noharm]
    /cast [@player] Leap

    The mount special in the beginning makes this fun to use while flying. Its ignored unless your mounted. You can set this to any of your attacks like ITouch. It easily lets your ghoul attack the target if they can do so. It also lets you target a healer and have your ghoul leap to her so he can avoid being melted by AOE. I like this one the best because you can really just set your ghoul on something and forget about him. You can copy the bottom half of the macro and assign it to a healer so when you use AMS he will auto leap to the healer. Just thought i'd mention it because its another way to use him w/o much thought.

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