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Thread: Quest Weapon Decision

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    Quest Weapon Decision

    I'm sure many of you have either completed Wanted: Ragemane's Flipper - Quest - World of Warcraft or read about this quest in ZulDrakk. What are your thoughts on the choices of the 3 tanking weapon rewards

    Initially I was going sword...but then I switched to mace...ooh but a slow Ax would be kinda cool to try out.

    What did you decide on what weapon will you take and why?
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    Mace - + def is the stat to stack.

    Also as far as a slow dps type wep, at 75 do the ring o blood like quest and get the crusher from there.

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    i just got the mace last night and im just comparing it against the unbreakable will.... i think the mace wins over...

    Just wondering which enchant to use now ? ...mongoose still gives the dodge proc...but executioner still seems to be pushing the threat up...whilst potency gives that nice 20 str...

    any suggestions ?
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    I advised the wars in my guild to get the axe. My breakdown:

    I see the axe as a threat weapon with the added bonus of having the most defense. Yes, it's slow, but stronger devastates + the expertise should give better threat than a faster weapon for Heroic Strikes

    The sword is crap, it has worse avoidance than the mace.

    The mace is avoidance, but with less defense. It's faster, but I don't see spam-HS being better than 14 expertise rating at this point in the game (where expertise is harder to come by).

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    Depends on your race, too. I'll take the mace as a dwarf.

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    There's no reason for any warrior not to take the mace.

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    Orc racial is a fine reason to take the axe, imo.

    I love me some expertise.

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