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Thread: DPS Spec and BoJ (H Badge) Suggestions

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    DPS Spec and BoJ (H Badge) Suggestions


    The following is a link to my armory page:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I haven't played my warrior much of late and before 3.0.1 (based largely on maxdps.com) I was accumulating badges for the MH fist weapon (I was also fury at the time). However, 3.0.1 changed things a little for me. I switched over to a DW Arms (poleaxe) build and held off spending my badges. I had wanted to farm kara/heroics badges to DW Harbingers, but I didn't get close enough for one let alone two.

    I am starting to pick my warrior up again and I would like some suggestions on spec and what to do with the 109 BoJ (heroic badges) I have accumulated. Part of me wants to grab the MH fist and respec fury again; while another thinks picking up the badge ring would be a better (longer term) investment.

    I'd appreciate some suggestions. Thanks

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    Since much of the gear for badges will be replaceable fairly quickly, esp. rings, depending on your server market, it may be advantageous to spend those badges on raw or cut gems and just sell them on the AH for a profit. Many of the new cut gems coming out are much better but there are still those leveling up that may not be able to take advantage of them atm.

    Just a thought.

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    I agree with Calintara. weapons and rings have potential to be replaced quick. If you can make even 100g off of those badges go for it. Now just get to northrend and level!

    as for spec hopefully someone can come along and help I dont dps to much these days.

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    Thanks! I appreciate the replies.

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