I still like the revenge glyph and have the macro setting it to my revenge/heroic strike
What's your macro for this? I've tried making one such that:
/cast revenge
/cast heroic strike

I find that this doesn't always give you the free HS b/c there is a little delay before you get the buff from the glyph. This really only applies to soloing or when you don't have enough rage to cast HS.

I'm still waffling b/w the glyphs I wanna use.

Right now I have for minors: TC, Battle shout, charge
For majors I have: Resonating power, rapid charge, and revenge

I've had these for soloing and normal instance runs. I don't know what to take for heroics/10-mans. I'm def gonna take blocking. But i don't know what the other 2 should be. I'm thinking devastate and either rapid charge, resonating power, or revenge. I really like rapid charge to be able to charge in the middle of fights. Revenge doesn't seem really worth it in raids seeing as I'm never rage starved atm. Devastate seems very helpful for threat as well as getting the debuff up there quickly.