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Thread: Increasing survivability with Iron Will 3/3

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    Increasing survivability with Iron Will 3/3

    Hello guys,

    I've been tanking a lot lately, almost all heroics on farm, and I noticed that lots of mobs have stun effects, and honestly, that's the only thing that can kill me at the moment. I'm not even using CC on my groups, I just tank everything.

    So, I came up with the idea to get Iron Will 3/3. Reducing stun effects on me by 20% seems fairly strong.

    What do you guys think? I would drop imp shield wall for that, and 1 point of from puncure. Could drop 3/3 puncture, since I'm rarely using devastate, almost all my cooldowns are spend on SS/Rev/Thunderclap/Demo shout/Shockwave/Concussion.

    Proposed build:




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    Interesting....I don't think I could do it tbh, I just take them as par for the course and use my human racial on any that give me too many problems. But its certainly something to consider.
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    Iron will goes well with an impale spec. You can see those threads floating around on here.

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    If stuns are the norm for high damage intake then I would think it's one of the better places to spend 3 talent points. Question is, will that 20% reduction save you reliably over not having it. Considering you have 0% avoidance while stunned, I'll have to spend the gold to try it out.

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    5/5 Deflection
    2/2 Charge
    3/3 Iron Will
    2/2 Impale

    Best way I have found to spend points for a impale build, and will be my heroics build, with eventually dropping 3 outta anticipation to throw into AttT for once I get overgeared and dodge shoots through the roof like it used too.
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