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Thread: hmm feral druids

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    hmm feral druids

    I've been on this site a lot lately and I've noticed there has not been any feral tanking guides or gear at all for wraith. so when i hit 80 I'll let u all know how i did it and what gear for naxx if a feral druid desides to tank.

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    i would write one but TBH i couldnt be bothered with it unless i had exact numbers and equations to back it up. it would mostly consist of me saying

    "well i think this one is better because it has 2 more of this stat and that stat y that has 20 less than is really a wasted stat."

    i refuse to publish false information without the math to support it.

    that said


    i have been way to busy since Thursday to make notes, infact this is sadly my 1st time back to tankspot since i left my house to get in line for the midnight release (and only because the servers are down)

    if you want my brief armor list for pre ulduar gear i posted on my guild forums then here (again there is absolutly no math to support this and this is taken into consideration gear i am not even looking at because i am passing to rogues edit: worded badly: i did not include a lot of gear in this list because i am passing that gear to rogues and did not even look at it)

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