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    Hi there, Im new to the website and would like to ask a few questions about tanking, it has been a long time since i have tanked za,and bt - because i have healed for so long, right now im leveling with friends in wrath of the lich king and im doing it as prot, i have 468 defence rating because a friend of mine said i could get away with using a lower amout of defence rating, im wondering how low should i take it or is this even too low because im getting hit very hard ( im also using t6 ret bracer/boot for the (2p) the instances im running eg, nexus the trash is fine but bosses are a different story, could someone please give me a link or explain what i should aim for !

    one very confused paladin.

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    468 defense rating means you're crittable, you need to get:
    470 against level 70 mobs
    480 against level 71
    485 against level 72
    490 against level 73
    495 against level 74
    500 against level 75
    505 against level 76
    510 against level 77
    515 against level 78
    520 against level 79
    525 against level 80
    530 against level 81
    535 against level 82
    540 against level 83

    basically you need 5.0 crit reduction (whether it be by defense rating or by resilience or a combination of both--they're additive) for equal level mobs, and .2 for each level above you.

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    Yes after the new talents came out my Warriors Def rating was dropped from 501 to 468. I plan on stacking Def rating and Stamina and no longer value avoidance as much as I did in BC raids and 5 mans.

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    Oh I agree with the guy above me. This expansion I have been stacking def way more. I think it is just a lot harder to find stats like dodge and parry.

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    Think again, there are lots of dodge, parry items when you hit high 70s.


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