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Thread: Item Links?

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    Item Links?

    I know there was a discussion on the item links not working and such. At the time I kind of just assumed that they were borked because of the multi version of wowhead. However, after yesterday's "merger" of the wowhead sites, they still do not work. I would really like to stream line the profession overview and put the links back in. Can anyone stear me to a post or just tell me how to replace the old links with new ones?

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    Just drop a link to the item/spell/whatever on wowhead.

    I have no intention of bringing the old item links back online. They accounted for a large percentage of our CPU usage, and with the traffic spikes I've been watching over the last month or so, I decided Wrath would be an ideal time to let the old item links software drop (since guides need to be updated anyway).

    Search in donor forums for more info if you need!

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    Thanks much, I went back and fixed a few things and added a few as well.

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