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Thread: Do prot warriors need dps gear anymore?

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    These days I find myself wearing a lot of DPS gear not just for leveling, but for tanking instances. For a particular slot I'm either using tank gear with block value on it, or straight DPS gear, for the most part. So far, I have not run an instance where I've needed to swap gear out for more health/avoidance/mitigation.
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    For soloing, I wear my old DW dps set with a shield. I still solo in def stance for the revenge/dev-->S&B train, but with about 900 more AP, 10% more crit, and about the same block value as I had in prot gear. (more str, more BV).

    I do *more* dps in def stance vs battle/zerker in every situation where I'm getting hit. When I'm getting hit, revenge+dev feeding the free Shield Slams pretty much keep me in rage, not to mention the free HS's from the Revenge glyph. The only time I need an offhand is DPSing as prot where I'm not taking damage. Soloing in def stance also lowers my downtime considerably.

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    I'm currently lvl78.

    For soloing single targets, I'm currently wearing the full savage saronite set and for the neck, ring and trinket slots I'm using +AP +crit trinkets.
    Pretty much it works VERY well, barely take any damage and kill mobs in 3 crits.

    For aoeing, I simply swap out and put on a couple of def/block pieces and block trinkets then do the ol' thunderclap/cleave/shockwave spam.

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    My intentions (and this may change) is to run an OT spec. Take improved intercept, get the glyph, and improved spell reflect.

    So, I guess I'll need the shield and just have to eat the DPS loss when OT'ing single bosses.

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