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Thread: At last the unbreakable will !!

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    At last the unbreakable will !!

    But has it dropped a little too late ?

    I dont think so .... i have done some searching and i still think this is one of the best tanking weapons in game.

    I had the mats on me so imediately dropped executioner on it and went on to tank 4 bosses in BT....seemed to work pretty well.

    I also tht the executioner would stand me in good stead for wrath later this week when the levelling grind starts up again.

    Does this agree with everyone else ?
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    Unbreakable will is a damn good weapon. Should the brutalizer drop however, you'll want that .

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    Unless it's my only weapon for tank, I'm more in the line of "enchant an item based of its strenght". UW is one of the best tank weapons in the game, but it's not oriented to threat. The Brutalizer or Dragonscale Longblade are the threat weapons and those two are the best target for an executioner enchant.

    Btw, I got my UW drop two weeks ago, and last kalecgos I got a Dragonscale :P I put Mongoose in the UW and +20str in the Dragonscale, because for just two weeks I'd rather save my money to build my Mechano-hog instead on the sword. :P

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