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Thread: Best rotation for "initial" Threat (war)

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    Best rotation for "initial" Threat (war)

    Hello everybody,

    I've been playing wow since 2006 but I'm new to tanking (my main pg has always been a mage, since now). I read tons and tons of theorycrafing articles to learn the basics of war tanking, and it seems i'm doing good.

    Now my question: we all know that dps love to start shooting fast, sometimes not giving the war enough time to build a strong "initial" aggro on mobs. So I was wondering which is the best rotation to build a strong aggro in the first seconds of the fight. I tried this:

    Pull --> Bloodrage --> Shield Block (so revenge procs immediately) --> Revenge --> Shield Value Trinket --> Shield Slam

    Then 2 Devastates and back to revenge

    What do you think about it?
    TY (and sorry for my awful english)

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    To be honest.. it depends on the pull.. how many mobs are cc'd or if your just going in on a boss.
    Most of the time you cannot go wrong with TC as it gives you a solid aggro base.. and slows inc damage right off the bat. while it may not be the fasted tps it does seem to work well enough.

    For typicall boss pulls.. i rage/zerk/2x devi/ unles S& B procs or Revenge Proc. then I hit shield block. followed by tc/demo/then normal threat rotation.

    Granted.. Some folks might not see keeping demo and TC up on the boss important anymore.. others may.

    I honestly believe in the end it will come down to the player. Course i cant seem to break 2200 tps wearing kara/heroic gear.


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    for a boss-fight:

    to gain a high (the highest) amount of initial threat, you have to start the fight with the shield slam.

    if you use SB first, you cut your rage-gain and that cuts your aggro-gain. so its contra-productive at the very start of a fight.
    using TC at the beginning is good in terms of "mitigation", but it kills your aggro-gain. It costs a lot of rage and gives you a real small amount of threat to single-targets.

    to do the job as save as possible, start the fight with 2devastates, than SS, and start the normal rotation.
    you built up a little less threat than as you start with a SS, but for the same amount of rage you got 2skills instead of one, so a miss/dodge/parry doesn't let you lose aggro at the start.

    for group-tanking I do it like this:
    charge -> walk 3-5yards back -> shockwave -> TC -> cleave -> starting normal rotation.
    in case of caster-NPCs: pull -> bloodrage -> move out LoS -> shockwave -> TC -> cleave -> normal rota.

    PS: bloodrage at the very first. no doubt. pull -> bloodrage -> go on.

    edit: revenge ALWAYS on CD.

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