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Thread: guardian spirit

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    guardian spirit

    hey fellow tanks ^^... there is a new talent, guardian spirit for priest, which basically saves a tank (or any player) from dying, the description is,

    "Calls upon a guardian spirit to watch over the friendly target. The spirit increases the healing received by the target by 40%, and also prevents the target from dying by sacrificing itself. This sacrifice terminates the effect but heals the target of 50% of their maximum health. Lasts 10 sec." with a 3 min cooldown...

    in wow-europe healing forums, i ve read nothing positive about this, which are posted by raid experienced healers... but -i must say i am new to healing- i love having a tool that can save a tank.... we all know we all have the "o shit" button when tanking, and giving one more to the healer sounds fine to me...

    so what u think about this ?

    edit i dont know how to post this in healing forum

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    The priests that I know that have used this have been pretty positive about this particular item; from what they've said it's very nice when they're assigned a specific target to heal. Don't know about the transition into WoLK; since it seems more of a raid heal than a 5 man heal, but that part is my opinion.

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    Its a nice 'Oh Crap!' button, but does not have many other uses as far as I have seen. CoH is awesome, so Holy priests have little to complain about in their semi-useful 51 point talent. CoH was terrible until 2.3-2.4 too, so it might get changed.

    As a side, GSpirit is amazing for faction bosses. When Horde/Alli come to kill your faction boss, 1 holy priest can make it impossible. Whenever the boss gets low, GS and POOF back to 50%... Yeah... kinda broken in that situation but awesome!

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    I can see GS being very useful depending on boss mechanics. Think Kael'thas (the 25-man version) with Pyroblasts or Brutallus (with Stomp).
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    I <3 GS. Saved me tanking an instance (with like 3 extra pulls added due to fears) on my DK in DPS gear. Saved us from 1-2 RNG wipes in sunwell farming already.
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    I have a priest myself, and when i first looked this talent all i saw was "sacrifices self for 50% of target Hp." I thought to myself that this talent isnt really all the great.

    I came back to it later then i saw the first part "Increases healing recieved by the target by 40%." Thats when i decided that the main point of this talent was to increase healing on the tank at pinch times. Trying to conserve mana or the healers are low? throw this up and you wont have to send as much mana toping the tank off because they are reciving 40% more.

    tested it out on a random person standing around Shatt one day. without Greater heals hit for about 4.5k, crit for 7k. with it on, they hit for 7k, crit for 11k.

    All in all, i think everyone is looking at it the wrong way by getting the primary purpose mixed up. Its 40% healing with an "oh sh!t" built in.
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    Yeah I think its a nice additional tool for healing a specific target. Whether or not you hit that or Divine Spirit in a holy build is I guess dependent on your raid makeup.
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    I agree with Kayella, for me Guardian Spirit is an extra mini Shield Wall with a life insurance on top of it, too bad we can't get it yet without gimping our mana regen.

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    I have both a warrior tank and a holy priest. It's taken me a long time to
    wrap my brain around when I would want to use "guardian spirit" -- so much
    so that it's not even in my current build, though it will be @ 80.

    My conclusion is, that it's for those times, when a greater heal either
    won't be enough, or may not land in time -- those times as a healer that
    you are praying your heal will land in time. If you use GS, then you don't
    have to worry, and you can go into your heal-bomb rotation safely knowing
    that your tank will stay alive.

    It's an interesting panic button, for those times when for whatever reason,
    the tank is lower on health than they should be, and you are trying to prevent
    a wipe.

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    It seems pretty strong in some situations, like when the tank picks up WAY too many adds, or he's stunned and you just know he's dead as a doornail and no amount of heals will help him in time. Or he already used a cooldown on some kind of mega-boss-ability and he's about to take 30k damage.

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