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Thread: Sunguard Legplates (Badge Legs)

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    Sunguard Legplates (Badge Legs)

    Well, i've been running around with my t5 legs for quite awhile now (for what reason i dont know.. i shouldve replaced them long ago) and i finally bought the sunguard legs. I'm trying to figure out how to socket them... most tanks i see use 2x 15 stam gems but im not so sure about it now with avoidance playing such a big role in tanking now. Any suggestions on sockets or should i just go with the double 15's?

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    we're all gonna be hitting the level grind soon, so it's possible going with a Str variation to help you grind your way to 80 as a better option than either case you presented =]

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    Less than a week away from launch, I'd be looking at each as "leveling" gear and not raid tanking gear. Situationally, I like the T5 legs better than Sunguard for AE work, it really is going to depend on what you want to do.

    If you're asking what I would do....

    Stick a ZA enchant on your T5 legs, socket with a +10 str gem

    Socket your Sunguard legs for strength, and go for a nethercobra armor kit

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