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Thread: Which Trinket Combo?

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    Which Trinket Combo?

    I was previously using the shard of contempt with the bloodlust brooch, but just received madness of the betrayer tonight. I'd like to go double AP trinket, but not sure if the proc of SoC is better than bloodlust?

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    madness and SoC imo.

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    aany other input?

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    Agreed. Iirc the shard has the chance on hit proc, where as the bloodlust brooch has the 2min clickable. The SoC i think is on a 1 min cooldown, meaning it goes off only 1 times per min max, but in 2 mins, thats most likely 2x you get the proc, where as with the Brooch you only get it 1x per 2 mins, effectively half of the time. And the madness is just sick and to good to pass up.

    Madness + SoC

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