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Thread: PitBull UI ?

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    PitBull UI ?

    I just downloaded and configured my PitBull Unitframes
    But... i cant see the correct health in the healthbar text as is for my "player" framer or for my "target" and of "target of target" ...
    should i download any lib sources to fix this,

    and ye i have the newest version!

    here is a screen shot of my problem easier 2 see than me explaining this !

    Thanks anyways !

    Kind regards

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    If you're looking to start over on Pitbull, you will have to delete the SavedVariables file for it as well. Then you can reinstall it and start from scratch again.

    Judging by what is shown it looks like you have messed up the frame text and assigned different unit id text to the wrong frame (like assigning the health of your target to your player frame). You can fix it though if you are inexperienced with Pitbull it will likely be easier to redo the setup from scratch than it will to correct the issue.

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    If you look at the warrior health frame in that shot it says 0/100 | 0%. This tells me he has no rage. That means you have the powerbar text anchored to the health bar instead of the health text on the health bar.
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