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Thread: Warlock Tanking - The Myths, Stats, & Guide

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    Warlock Tanking - The Myths, Stats, & Guide

    From the new Tank forums.

    (the guide is too long to post here)

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    Kind of ironic

    I saw that warlock earlier today trying to convince people that the attack table was a multi roll system (ie 50% parry + 50% dodge = 75% avoidance)

    Edit: Woot I found it, definitely worth it. It's funnier reading it now that I've seen him trying to be credible on Warlock Tanking (LOL)
    Man....still a countless # of people who don't understand tanking mechanics.

    I you have 50% dodge & 50% block (no parry), you do not have 100% avoidance. You have 2 independent events of being able to avoid an attack. This amounts to 75% avoidance (which is rather intuitive in this case). Take a probability class, read a probability book, or go to wikipedia, inform yourself, and use the formulas as you like. I mean come on, that's like telling me if I flip two coins (50% chance of getting a heads each) that I'll be guaranteed to get 1 head if I flip both (50+50). Apparently it's impossible for both heads to land on tails .. .. /facepalm.
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