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Thread: Stormherald vs. Bloodmoon

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    Stormherald vs. Bloodmoon

    Ok, I've done a lot of searching, and a lot of experimentation myself, and I can't decide which is better for arms dps, the mace or the axe. Now the axe does have more AP and crit, but the hammer has that built in 15% armor pen. It seems to me, since I've switched from using my hammer to my axe that my dps has gone down quite a bit. Does ArP really play that large of a roll? Also, it seemed as though my white hits were larger than with my Bloodmoon. I have the advantage of having all three weapons, so I'm wondering, what's going to be the best to use? Any help you guys could give me would be awesome! And yes, I know the stuff in BT etc is better, but we have a lot of melee dps rolling on those 2 handers, and I'm the guy that always seems to roll below 40 : \ Anyway, thanks again!

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    Axes seem to be putting out the most DPS.

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