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Thread: Warrior Aoe tanking

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    Warrior Aoe tanking

    I dont rly know how to make an intro to this so i'll just get to it.

    After a bit of thinking i "tried" to make a Warrior Aoe tank specc. preferabley for MH.
    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
    This is the specc i was going for here is why.
    Well 1st of all i tried to lower my avoidence since i have more then enough hp etc. to tank MH,and also becuse i will need as much rage as i can get.
    Also as you can see i have improoved Discipliens what i was thinking is that every wave in MH i would use Aoe taunt(since it has a 3min Cd now)and/or Retaliation.So on 1 wave i would use Retaliation and on the other Aoe taunt.Also to improove my Shock wave and the effictiveness of Retaliation i would use a few iteams that give Att.power For instance a change of trinket,i would use this Bloodlust Brooch - Item - World of Warcraft the attack power would help alot with shockwave and retaliation and i would use Darkmoon Card: Vengeance - Item - World of Warcraft i know 100 dmg isent much but it helps,also i would use the shield enchant that deals 35dmg when you block.To maximise the effectiveness of the shield enchant and the Dark moon card trinket i would use all my gear that gives +block and +Hp and use as little if any avoidance gear,+ i would try to change some of my tanking iteams with Dps iteams that give lots of Attpower.

    i hope pple can discuse this topic,and if u have any better ideas i would much appriciate them.

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    I'd be fairly opposed to dropping the full 10% avoidance, unless your healers are just THAT good. If you're staying alive and their mana is healthy, it doesn't make a bit of difference, but it would scare me pretty bad to see myself at only 40% avoidance or whatever.

    Your rage shouldn't be anywhere close to an issue. If you're tanking, say, 7 mobs and your avoidance is less than 50%, you're taking multiple hits every second with consistancy. I have a prot pally in my groups, so I'm lucky in that I never ever ever run out of range (BoSanc is the single best talent point in any tree of any class), but if even if you don't have that luxury, you shouldn't be coming close to rage-starved.

    I really do like the idea of imp. disciplines + Challenging shout. I may consider moving some points into that for my own Hyjal run tonight.

    just my 2 cents though.
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    If I'm not mistaken shockwave only gets 75% of a bonus to AP (which is really nice) but is on a pretty long CD to be itemizing damage gear over tanking stats. Bloodlust Brooch - Item - World of Warcraft is only going to give roughly 50 damage to shockwave, and I don't think Tclap gets anything from it. The autoblocker will probably do more for you for threat generation. The passive damage from damage shield will do an extra 10 every hit and as long as you are proccing it 5 times every 20 seconds it should work out to being at least as good, plus you have a more valuable survival stat. Personally it's use combined with shield block is my favorite way to go. Comments?

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    Shard of contempt is a much better atk power twinket if your going to use one, and combined with the coin/blocker puts out some nice numbers.

    If you can get your SBV into the 1k+, you can drop a healthly part of avoidance, but don't think yer tanking the boss in it without switching gear.

    Drop the puncture for imp spell reflect... trust me, you'll thank me later. When you get known as the tank the protects the OTHER tanks from spells, that's a good place to be.
    The build looks decent, and depending on your gear you should be quite alright. Personally, I don't like the imp disc talents, but not sure where else you could stick those 2 points anyway right now, so keep em.

    Keep your dodge/parry around 40% combined at the min, you don't wanna take THAT many hits, but that's about what I'm using ATM. I dropped the puncture, and swapped the imp disc into spell, then dropped AttT to max out parry, and that's hte build I'm running with into LK, then I'll switch to more of a grinding build.
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