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Thread: Using Tankpoints the Gear Ratings

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    Using Tankpoints the Gear Ratings

    Hi everybody,

    I'm new to the web-site and have been reading through articles and listened to most of the podcasts so far and this is an awesome site, wish there was something like this for Rogues too. Anyway, so I'm going through Berg's Tank Gear ratings and that is some great information on gear, yet I find it semi-confusing. Everything is ranked in terms of Tankpoints, which makes sense, but there are items that are acquired through low-level rep, instances, and raids that are some of the top items. For instance, the Suneater looks to be one of the best tanking swords in the game based on its Tankpoints rating, however; in one of the podcasts on gear the speaker said that an upgrade from a high raid level is still an upgrade. So is something like King's Defender or the axe for Zul'ijin actually better than the Suneater? If so, what additional information do I need to be looking at to make sure that I'm getting an actual upgrade? Just from my Rogue I know that just because something is from a high raid instance, doesn't always mean it's an upgrade to something else. The Dragonspine Trophy, pre-3.0, is a great example of that. Any insight would be great!

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    You might have overheard that Sun-Eater is one of the best avoidance weapons in TBC, having defense and dodge rating on it. As for an aggro weapon, there are lots of better options than Sun-Eater.

    TankPoints is not the most accurate thing in the world. It's also often not reliable, because it can not determine wether a piece of equipment is either for aggro, avoidance or EH, it simply reads stats and calculates the tank points. Example! :

    I have Shattered Sun Pendant of Resolve and Strength of the Untamed in my bags. Obviously fine necklaces, the 1st one is an aggro piece having hit, expertise and an expertise proc because I'm scryer, the other piece is an avoidance piece, it has dodge and defense. TankPoints will show me the Untamed-Necklace as a huge upgrade over the SSO one, which would be right if I was going for avoidance but let's just say I'm not, so in this case I just have to ignore TankPoints and stick to my SSO necklace.

    Also one of the problems with making choices of gear based on the opinion of TankPoints is that TP does not count in sockets and enchants. That got me fooled once or twice where I was passing up gear that would've been better than mine, if I had put gems in it and enchanted it.

    Looking at the tooltips and seeing a green text that shows you, this item is an upgrade, is very convenient and once you start using TankPoints it's hard to stop but my best advice would be to still look a little at the stats and check if you agree with TankPoints.

    That would be all.

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