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Thread: expertise after soft-cap VS. hit rating

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    expertise after soft-cap VS. hit rating

    So this is something I've been wrestling with.

    Now that many of us are above the expertise softcap (removing the boss' chance to dodge from the table), do we stop stacking more expertise (useful for parry reduction) in exchange for more +hit?
    I'm beginning to consider retiring my Shard of Contempt and equiping my Romulo's Poison Vial.

    However, a post by Armstrong in this thread makes it sound like once we're past the expertise softcap, that expertise & hit are equal in terms: 1% to 1%. If so, we might be wiser just stacking more expertise to not only increase our chance to hit them, but also for its mitigation value to ourselves. If this is the case, I wish there was a script or formula we could use to show our effective +hit rating. I have a lot of expertise gear, but somewhere in the ballpark of 53 hit rating, which makes me feel woefully below the 142 goal.

    I'd love to see a more recent, definitive answer. Thanks for any feedback.

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    I do believe (and I could be wrong I don't have numbers for you) that the benefit from expertise (after dodge is removed) and hit rating (before the cap) are the same as far as the combat table is concerned.

    See if you can't find the difference in itemlevel of the two. Not that it really matters, but you will get the most out of your itemlevel if you know how much 1 pt of expertise takes vs 1 pt of hit rating.

    I usually just go with the better piece. For 3.0 now, your going to be better off with the auto-blocker + Corin's Lucky Coin combo imo. The passive SBV is really nice and the use effects are insane.

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    ( [your expertise skill] - 23 ) 3.94 = how much hit rating you are compensating for with expertise above the dodge cap.
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    1% Expertise and 1% hit are the same for the purpose of threat past the softcap.

    However, you should also consider as in the link that expertise keeps reducing the parry chance, so it's also a small form of mitigation on its own.

    So, better keeping expertise. And in that specific case, the Shard is a lot better than the vial due to the proc
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    effective hit rating script

    Thank you for your above comments. I took a stab at a scripting macro that would tell us our 'effective' hit rating (vanilla hit + expertise's contribution).

    /script pH=(GetCombatRating(CR_HIT_MELEE));
    /script pE=(GetExpertise());
    /script if (pE>26) then pF=((pE-26)*3.94) else pF=0; end;
    /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(format("142 is the goal. Your effective hit rating: %s + %s = %s",pH,pF,pH+pF));
    Last edited by Ironhusk; 11-03-2008 at 09:28 AM. Reason: tweaked script to prevent lack of expertise from causing negative hit rating, changed softcap value from 23 to 26

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    Correct, shard > Vial, even past soft cap. As stated, expertise reduces parry haste, thus lowering the amount of damage you take.

    Also, 142 hit cap is for bosses, which are usually immune to taunt, so not as many worries. Also, your DPS is not going to pull threat on a boss, they know better.

    The hit cap for trash is about what, 92? And 40-50 hit is usually enough to ensure your taunts land when you need them too. Worse comes to worse, you charge/intervene and mocking blow, and even if that misses, your taunt should be back up again.

    And the proc on the shard is awesome for TC/SW now when AoE tanking ^_^
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