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Thread: What do you use for healing?

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    Nov 2008
    Just recently switched from Pitbull to Grid to save screen real estate. Was a weird transition at first but I quickly got the hang of it.

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    Grid and Clique. Mouse with two thumb buttons. Loot.
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    Amethystine of Bladefist Server here. :3

    I use a touch-heal macro with my hotkeys and the regular Raid windows with CTRA. It's efficient and doesn't take up too much space, and doesn't have the finicky 'change per health' main click of Healbot.

    The macro's on wowwiki, and is quite good.

    As far as actual spells, I cycle Prayer of Mending whenever it's up. Renew on the tank I'm assigned to, and Flash Heals for the bulk of my healing (Get the Glyph, it helps a lot). Greater Heal/MP5 if I proc Concentration, and Inner Focus for emergencies.

    Oh, and for new Naxx healers that aren't Druids, don't HoT Patchwerk. He does too much damage for them to make a dent.

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    Grid + Decursive + Binds. All I've ever needed to use. Most frequently used spell to easiest to reach keys, and lesser used/situational spells elsewhere. Changing spell slots for fights that require a more frequently used dispell/shields to a faster to reach key, AND remembering you've done it :P.

    Also, a mouse with MORE then 3/5 buttons is amazing in movement intensive fights. Keeps your fingers on the WADS, freeing up keys to the mouse = win!

    I use a Logitech MX Revolution, and I don't know how I'd manage without it. 5 buttons right at my thumb alone, not counting Shift the modifier .

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