Post: Paladin Retribution Paladin Nerfs
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Posting your opinions is one thing, voicing them towards another person is not okay, and you don't need to copy paste your rant to multiple threads.

Take a chill pill, you're making a lot of assumptions about what will happen to ret when none of us truly know how it'll play out, and why is this always the case, that things go from top dps to bottom dps, there's no such thing as middle ground?

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Most peeps agree the ret. nerf is much needed, BUT I DON'T. I have enjoyed seeing ret. pally @ the topp of the dps charts both pve/pvp. It was good to see ret. pally being needed, but now ret. will live at the bottom again. For those of u who don't agree and can make thread after thread about how ret. can successfully maintain a dps spot, don't even think about it. The days of RET. PALLY are over plain and simple. I can't believe how most of u are in agreement for the nerf. This nerf bites, you people should be fighting to keep yourselves in the dps ranks (hybrid or not), get a backbone people, fight to keep what we have.