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Thread: Weapon Enchant Question

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    Weapon Enchant Question

    Hey, a few weeks ago I managed to pick up a Cleaver of the Unforgiving from ZA. At the time I was using Sun Eater with a mongoose enchant on it. Someone then suggested that I throw an executioner enchant on my Cleaver for threat, sounded good to me because the armor ignore made sense for threat gen. Recently I was chewed out for having Executioner by a fellow tank in my guild saying "Mongoose is the best overall enchant for avoidance AND threat." Now I knew that it was the best for avoidence but that is why I have kept my SE around with the goose enchant.

    Is Executioner good for threat gen/ better than mongoose, or should I just re enchant my Cleaver with mongoose and shelf the SE?


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    Executioner is way better for threat gen then mongoose, mongoose gives you a little bit of crit due to agi conversion (which is terrible for warriors imo) and the 2% haste is negligible on a tanks already fast 1.6 speed tanking weapon.

    Executioner is a flat % gain on all of your out going attacks which in tern is a flat % gain in threat. This beats out the mongoose by a lot in terms of threat. your fellow tank, unfortunately is a tool, or is misinformed.

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    Just tagging on the thread.

    I recently got myself The Unbreakable Will, is it worth putting Executioner on it with WoTLK so close? Or should I just stick a Potency(+20str) which is much cheaper and offers a nice bonus as well? :P


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    Before 3.0 going into Sunwell we needed to squeeze in avoidance in all sorts of places and so Mongoose lived on as the "avoidance" enchant. It is still why many tanks still have it going through that content. I myself have been lazy and not wanted to change it either.
    Additionally with threat being a non-issue since 3.0 is executioner even necessary? With two weeks to go until LK maybe wait for the new enchants to land to do any changes.
    Of course don't leave the weapon bare either for those that don't have any enchant. Do pick up executioner there for threat. Maybe that will allow you to ditch the 2% threat to gloves and use Armor kit on it?

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    Threat/speed and all that stuff,

    I see that exicutioner is the prot/tank choice prior to WoTLK, I use Blazegaurd with "goose" ench. cause my gear and gems cover the def/avoidstats. I just got KingsDef. last night while tanking KZ, 10/29/08.
    My question is should i go for the "exicutioner" or just hit the cheep +20Str. Potency" till Wrath' comes out. Thanks.

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    I put Executioner on my Cleaver because it does more damage. I want to put myself on the damage meters now, since I can't possibly die to mobs. :P

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    It depends how much you want to shell out, really. All these weapons will be replaced by the time you're level 80, so go with 20str if you're feeling poor or Exec if you're feeling flush
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