So I've been playing my orc warrior since BC first came out, done some casual raiding and he's now in a mix of t5/badge/ZA gear. But I've always wanted a Tauren warrior.

Yes I realize that the tauren racial was nerfed, but even after the nerfs, an AoE stun and 5% more base HP is still superior to the orc racials(orc would put out more TPS, but that's barely an issue in the Xpac from what I've read)

I was always too lazy to level one because I didn't want to have to catch his gear back up to my mains, but I finally bit the bullet and did it since I knew the Xpac was coming soon and gear would be reset.

Now to my question. I just recently hit 70 on my tauren warrior, and gotten him a couple blues, but what should I be gearing him up in to prepare for Xpac, since I plan to level him by never seeing a zone in northrend except during travel time to the instances I'll be doing with my guildees