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Thread: shield block value and the meta

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    shield block value and the meta

    Without my helm equiped, i have 423 SBV from gear + 176 from str= 599
    599x1.3 from shield mastery gives me 778.7 which my character sheet shows 779.

    now enter the helm:
    it has 26 str, and when i mouse over my str on my character sheet it gives me 189. (now right here thats red flags because vitality adds .78 shield block value, which is now lost, but back on track). With the helm on, my character sheet now says 826.

    (423+189)x1.05x1.3= 835.4

    i am assuming the middle formula is correct of:
    shield block from gear x meta=x then (x+value given from mousing over str in base stats)x1.3

    and the disparity is simply from a rounding error caused by vitality

    or if i am totally wrong someone please post the correct formula showing the interaction of the meta because that is the only thing i cannot account for.

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    You forgot one possibility.

    (423 + 189) * (1 + .3 + .5) = 826.2


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    the meta is additive to the multiplier on the Shield Mastery talent, so it goes from x1.3 to x1.35 (as muffin has indicated)

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