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Thread: SSC path/bosses

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    SSC path/bosses

    The guild I joined was a mid-late BT guild, and with the xpac coming we are just focusing on getting our newer players to see as much content as possible, myself included.

    Along those lines, we've entered and cleared TK, and have runs planned for Rage and about a quarter of BT.

    But no one wants to go to SSC. I guess because none of the tanks have Frost sets.

    Is it possible to skip the first boss and see other bosses?

    I'd really like to get my Feral in there for a chance at the staff, and it drops off trash, not bosses, so its not like we need to kill Hydross.

    Dumb question, but im at work with no access to cartographer

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    Yes its entirely possible. The first set of trash is attached to Hydross, if you clear all that out, then its possible to bypass Hydross by taking a hard left at the end of the first set of platforms and going right around the edge of Hydross's area. You might pull a few low-HP adds, but you won't pull the boss.

    You're then on the Lurker Below trash and have access to the rest of the instance. If you kill Lurker (not strictly necessary, but easy enough to do) then the fish in the water for the whole instance die, which makes life a lot easier.
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    Hydross is doable without resist gear now, has been for sometime in fact.


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