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Thread: Best item point scale to use going into Wrath?

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    Best item point scale to use going into Wrath?

    I'm trying to come up with a good way to rank the upcoming tanking pieces in Wrath and I don't know what the best point scale to use is. I'm trying to find a good balanced scale that accounts for all stats.

    I've seen numbers by Berg, Demog(sp?), and another person's spreadsheet, but they all seam to be different. So I'm curious as to what the community will be using moving forward as far as comparing new Wrath tanking pieces.

    Here are some values I've seen thrown around:

    AC 1.00    AC 1
    Sta 11.57  Sta 16
    Def 13.74  Def 23
    Dod 13.63  Dod 21.5
    Par 10.96  Par 17
    Agi 15.73  Agi 18
    Exp 4.71   Exp 10
    Has 0.00   Has 0.3
    Str 0.79   Str 3.5
    Hit 1.80   Blk 11
               BV  6
               Res 0
               Hit 10
               Crit 0.5
               AP  0.2

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    It looks like one set of that is from an old version of my spreadsheet (up-to-date one found here). Of course, the values will change depending on your current gear/talent situation, but it's relatively stable and should be a good starting point for you. Here's the latest values I'm using for myself:

    AC 1.0
    Str 3.3
    Agi 10
    Sta 16
    Def 16
    Dod 12
    Par 12
    Blk 10
    BV 5
    Hit 4
    Crit 0.5
    Exp 14
    AP 0.2
    Has 0.4
    ArP 0.05

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