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Thread: Improved Def Stance - 10% buff to everything?

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    Improved Def Stance - 10% buff to everything?

    Improved Defensive Stance Rank 2
    Requires Defensive Stance
    While in Defensive Stance all spell damage is reduced by 6% and when you Block, Parry or Dodge an attack you have a 100% chance to become Enraged, increasing melee damage caused by 10% for 12 sec.

    Does that bolded part mean that only melee, ie: hand to hand attacks are buffed? That would be things like Shield Slam, Devastate, etc..or things like Shockwave/Thunder Clap too?

    Sure the wording suggests the former but we all play WoW, we all know things don't always work the way we intuit.

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    I've noticed that my Shield Slams and Devastates do more when it's activate. I can't confirm yes or no on Shockwave/Thunderclap though.

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    it's a 10% physical damage buff when active, don't think it matters if it's ranged or melee physical attacks. it does not cause 10% more damage with magical effects or procs (enchants, TF, etc)

    here's the buff you gain: Enrage - Spell - World of Warcraft
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    Whenever I'm again on my Warrior I will need to test this to verify, but that does seem right Xav, thanks.

    That would be nice if it turned out that way I don't have Deathfrost or a Thunderfury so that would mean most of us would get full benefit out of this

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    I carefully tested thunderclap + enrage for my spreadsheet.

    On live it currently DOES affect Thunderclap. I presume that that means it affects everything, including shockwave, etc.

    Another thing I discovered is Thunderclap does 150% damage on a crit, like a spell. It doesn't do double damage like a melee attack. I've not yet tested it with Impale or Relentless Earthstorm Diamond. Shockwave does double damage on a crit.

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    the 150% is known, it is intended as far as we know =T

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