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Thread: [BUG?] Shield Block

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    [BUG?] Shield Block


    Maybe you have already noticed it but when you use Shield Block you dont gain 100% more BV. I have tried it out on several bosses and checked it in the character panel. You do however gain 100% more BV for one attack with the Critical Block talent. I wrote a ticket about it and told them I didn't think it was working as intended, but after a few hours with no reply I had to log out and I got a long pointless mail(as you usually do) where they said they hadn't noticed anything.

    So today i decided to found out how it was working and I found out that Shield Mastery(30% more BV) is not applied on teh bonus BV from SB. So this is how SB works atm.

    Lets say my BV 542 and I have the Shield Mastery talent. My BV from gear is 313(without talents) and my BV from str is 104. (313+104)*1.3 = 542.

    That should boost BV to 542*2 = 1084 when you use SB. But as the formula is now you get your BV+BV from gear(without talents)+BV from str(without talents) = 542+313+104 = 959.

    I might be mistaken and SB is supposed to work this way, but it seems weird to me. SB should be working as intended without Shield Mastery.(assuming my formula is correct)

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    This was intended, the initial testing of it was found on the beta and the developers basically said this is how they wanted it to work otherwise SBV would scale too rapidly.

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    Good information, thanks!

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    Yeah, I believe all % bonuses to SBV are additive, not multiplicative. This includes the meta.

    It's a... curious implementation, but it does make a certain amount of sense in terms of not letting SBV scale to insane heights.

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