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Thread: HOW-TO: Fully Utilizing the Armory R&S Forum

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    HOW-TO: Fully Utilizing the Armory R&S Forum

    The Title
    Titles like "My Armory", "How bad am I? =(", and "Help me choose!" don't help anyone help you. Think about what you're asking for help with and come up with a reasonable title. Something like "Short on defense - Karazhan gear" will not only let people know exactly what you're looking to work on and what you have access to, but also allow others with the same issue possibly get help from your thread without having to post the same question again and clutter the boards. That being said, obviously the threads in this forum are often very specifically tailored to the paths available to the OP. Keep in mind that what may be the best option for someone else may not be the best for you due to differences in other gear.

    The Post
    Be as specific as possible with your question. Getting to the point more quickly will let everyone else help you faster. We don't need to know about your week at work or how much your raid leader fails in this forum. There's other places for that.

    Armory links are good to add.
    Your current raiding progression, if applicable, should be noted.
    The number of badges you currently have as well as how many you can be expected to get in a given week may also be useful. If you're asking for upgrade advice it obviously matters if you have no badges and are running just Kara every week or if you have no badges and run Kara, ZA, SSC and TK every week just due to the speed at which you will be accumulating BoJs.

    A Note
    As much as we all like to show off our gear - please realize that this forum is for helping others. If you just want to wave your e-peen, this isn't the place to do it. If you legitimately need help with gear/enchant choices then by all means, ask!

    You are obviously interested in the thread you post (or, so I would hope). Below the post box and the first "Submit New Thread" button there are sets of additional options you can use. Under the "Thread Subscription" heading, change the Notification Type from "Do no subscribe" to one of the other available settings. "No email notification" will provide you with a PM when your thread receives a response while "Instant email notification" will send you an email as soon as a response is posted. The other options are also self-explanatory but much less useful in this application.

    Helping Others - Selecting the "Best Answer"
    Okay, so you posted your thread and got some responses. Undoubtedly, some of them weren't all to helpful and hopefully you have a few good responses that really helped you out. With the new functionality that has been implemented in this forum you can help others while receiving help yourself! Once you have received a reply that has answered your question(s) satisfactorily you can mark is as the best answer. Doing so will place that reply directly under your original post so that others in the same situation can very easily reference it! Hopefully more of you will start to use this function as its intent is to get others useful information as well as to reduce the number of duplicate threads that make it harder for others to receive help as well. As an added benefit the user who's answer you have chosen will also automatically receive a PM thanking them for their response. Just a little nice recognition for their assistance.

    Since this functionality might easily be missed I have provided some screenshots below to assist you in its use.

    You may choose ONE post as the "Best Answer" to your question so choose carefully!

    Also, as you can see the ability to "reset" a previously selected best answer in order to choose another answer is also available. This option will appear where the selected answer appears immediately below your original post and must be used before you will be able to select an alternate "best answer".

    Of course, if you change your mind this handy reset button will let you choose another

    In Conclusion
    We hope that these forums will be able to help many people and that these new features will make it easier than ever to do so. Please keep in mind that answers provided in this forum are done entirely by other individuals like yourself. The knowledge each of them has regarding the mechanics of the game varies greatly and you should always attempt to verify the information you are provided rather than taking it as gospel.
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