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Thread: Expertise & HR

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    Expertise & HR

    Okay, I'm sure this has been addressed somewhere in the sea of new posts recently, but I can't find it. What has changed, if anything, on the need for hit rating and expertise? I'm warrior MT'ing Sunwell and threat not an issue, but still want to be as good as I can. Did the mechanics on hit and expertise change, i.e. dodge removal requirement, etc..? Thanks as always for the advice gang.

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    hit and expertise are still better in terms of TPS than str/sbv from what kamani has drawn up, it's just not as important anymore since threat hasn't become much of a concern.

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    The mechanics for hit and expertise are still exactly the same as well.

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    The above, but as has been said here before, threat is not what it once was. See, blizzard actually fixed out game. We used to be cuttin grass with scissors, now we nuke it from orbit.
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    This brings up an interesting question. When the new changes came through, I had to go through some itemization changes. Mainly, I lost a lot of hit rating due to changes such as that to the bonefist gauntlets. So, after getting to uncrittable status via defense and resilience, I worked on getting back to that 142 hit rating, and the only real viable option for that was to pull out +12 stam gems and stick in hit rating gems. Currently, I'm back to 142 hit rating, but I must have lost about 700+ health, bringing me down to a 15.3K unbuffed. I can't confirm since Armory is still a little slow on the update, but I'm trying to figure out if having that 142 hit is worth losing the HP.
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    My personal opinion is, yes it is worth it, and here are the reasons why.

    1. Healers got huge updates to their healing spells, increasing healing over all and even a couple of nice new HoT's.

    2. At least in a warrior Prot build the talent to potentially double your blocked damage is good mitigation. Combining some of the other talents damage reduction is pretty hefty.

    3. Running through WWS reports and stuff, I find that when my HR was at 142 or higher, my miss ratio was only about 5-7% over all for each ability. Getting it with the changes, my HR went from that 142 to about 116. My miss ratio went up to over 10% on most abilities (Heroic Strike, Revenge, Shield Slam, etc).

    We have about a month left till the WotLK push to 80. The new gems will help out with the expertise, hit and Stam:

    Guardian's Dreadstone - Items - WOWDB (+10 Expertise +15 Stam)
    Accurate Flawless Ametrine - Items - WOWDB (+10 Expertise +10 Hit Rate)
    Enduring Eye of Zul - Items - WOWDB (+10 Defense +15 Stamina)
    Vivid Eye of Zul - Items - WOWDB (+10 Hit Rate +15 Stamina)
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