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Thread: Sunwell Gear and 3.0 prot War.

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    Sunwell Gear and 3.0 prot War.

    Thanks to the mighty 3.0 patch our guild was finally able to get Mu'ru down along with KJ on our first night off attempts.
    I made out with the breastplate off Mu'ru and the helm off KJ.

    I tried to keep my gear as best well rounded for hit and stm. till 3.0 hit.
    Now it seems the big thing of Prot.War is dps.
    I find myself confused on my current gear as well as my new gear.
    Should I start re-gemming and enchanting everything away from stm and more to str? What should be my focus as of stats?
    Block rating and value?
    Is it worth giving up 4p t6? And if so what t6 part did you keep on to the sunwell upgrade.
    I would like to see some gear current gear list of you guys who have currently cleared sunwell and what is your current gear make up.
    A more propper (If any) way of gemming as to 3.0 and going into wotlk.
    Thank you much.

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    For the rest of 3.0/Sunwell farming, you can gem whatever you want. Avoidance/survivability is trivial now because Radiance was removed, and the other bosses who weren't affected by Radiance, now hit for less. I've replaced my red gems with stam/str just for more threat, and kept my blues as straight stamina.

    I generally wear a lot of threat pieces in Sunwell now, capping expertise, capping or near-capping hit, and the rest being good tank pieces. I haven't really worn 4-piece T6 in a while, I never found it really worth it.

    The week of Wrath going live I'm resocketing/re enchanting all of my gear for Defense, because we aren't raiding that week, and I'll be using it @ 80 for a while, so I need all the crit immunity I can get.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xav View Post
    I haven't really worn 4-piece T6 in a while, I never found it really worth it.
    yeah, I feel the same about that. Post 2.3 it wasnt worth it considering you could pick up expertise and that thrashes the t6 bonus.

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