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Thread: Confused on spec

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    Confused on spec

    First time poster here (be gentle) Looking for suggestions on gear/spec/stance

    I recently hit 70 a couple weeks ago. I leveled dw fury spec. Once the patch came out I figured I would try TG, but having crappy gear (1200atk pwr, 30% crit, 50 hit) I missed everything.

    I played around for a while on the target dummies, respecing, etc. I didn't experience any good dps until I went Arms and used a 2h axe with 93 dps/3.70 (Legionfoe) and used Bladestorm. This was pretty good dps for me.

    Now I recently picked up a new sword from HH (around 83dps) and I have the scryers exalted dagger (81dps). Should I consider just going back to Fury spec? I've heard so many mixed opinions about specs, but 99 percent of the time it's people with T5/badge gear or higher.

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    I was in a similar situation post-3.0. I have been 70 a while, but went Prot at 44 and stayed that way. I decided to analyze the coolness factor of TG, and was badly disappointed. With my minimal hit rating of about 170, 20ish % crit, and AP around 1600 unbuffed, it was dismal. I fooled around with it running dailies and doing HH runs for a couple days then gave it up. I respecced to Ciderhelm's 53/8/0 Arms spec and ran with it. Currently, using Legionfoe as well, I am hitting around 800-900 DPS on garbage mobs and target dummies. Axe spec of course increased my crit rate to around 25% and some gear changes pushed it up to 28% currently. I plan ot hit some target dummies tonight, smooth out some hotkey positions and try to get SCT working for SD and OP notifications to be more apparent. Should break 1000 dps easily, which is more than I ever did with Blazefury and S1 mace in my brief sting of DW fury. In addition, this Arms spec is FUN! Not spamming 1 key constantly, not ducking my head, looking around ot see if anyone notices I am acting like a rogue, just busting balls and having fun!

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    The general consensus is that Arms 53/8 is the best DPS no matter what gear at this time. A subtle 15/46 build works as well if you really want to dual wield but if you're going for the best dps possible, then yes, go with the two hander and stay arms

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    It depends on what you have.

    If you're comparing one-handers, you should be comparing a 15/46 fury, or a 53/8 arms.

    If you have epic ilvl 115 one-handers, and a non-epic ilvl110 two-hander, you should definitely go fury.

    If you have equal gear (ie, epic ilvl 115 one-handers and two-handers), then go arms as it's better.

    Don't be fooled when you hear 53/8 is the best DPS. It is, but if you have a crappy 2-hander it's not worth the sacrifice. Spec to your gear strengths.

    That said, you're using an ilvl 115 blue item, whose budget is 605.
    Your one-handers I'm not certain what you mean, but I'm assuming HH = Headless Horseman, which is 87dps. That's an ilvl 115 epic item (better than your 115 blue item by leaps and bounds), and an off-hand that's an ilvl 110 epic item.

    I say you should try 15/46. I would reckon that your DPS would be better than your 53/8 spec with a crappy 2hander.

    As soon as you get a decent 2-hander, though (ilvl115 epic or higher, anything from Kara really), I'd switch in a heartbeat.

    Hope this helps

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