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Thread: Hello tankspot newb here

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    Hello tankspot newb here

    /wave everyone
    Uglyallday reporting in. I'm currently leveling a Warrior to tank in Wrath. I was formally a healer (shaman up to T5), but I got burned out on healing and wanted to go tank with this expansion. Pre-BC I was dps with a lock, BC resto shaman so let's see how the world of tanking goes.

    Way back when before my guild re-rolled horde I was leveling a warrior with tanking in mind but only got him to 67, tank serveral instances but overall was on the fence with how I liked it. With the changes to the warrior tree recently I have to say I'm loving the prot tree, I never switch stances when solo'ing, unless prevent a fear.

    Hopefully you guys will see more of me here talking strats, theories and mechanics, as the GM for my guild <Refugees> I'll need to know everthing I possibly can.

    So once again the ugly one checking in. see ya around


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    You can use Berserker Rage in defensive stance now. No need to switch EVAR HAHAHAHA!

    True Knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.
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    Welcome and glad to have ya ;D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inaara View Post
    You can use Berserker Rage in defensive stance now. No need to switch EVAR HAHAHAHA!
    Oh snap!!

    guess I need to LR2Readpatchnotes

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