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Thread: Battleworn Tuskguard v Tankatronic Goggles

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    Battleworn Tuskguard v Tankatronic Goggles

    Hi everyone,

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    I snagged the Tuskguard in ZA today and was wondering how it compares to the Tankatronic goggles. The lack of meta has me a bit concerned since I lose the +5% shield block value. Is there a certain way I could gem it and/or enchant it to make it more suitable for a specific gear set?


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    the meta makes it soooo much better

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    tankingtips.com made a great comparison, two actually, of these items. first using a powerful earthstorm diamond and second using an eternal earthstorm diamond in the meta socket for the goggles. in both cases, +15 stamina gems were used exclusively in the tuskguard.

    in both situations, the tuskguard was the better effective health piece. with the eternal earthstorm diamond meta socket, the goggles were better for avoidance and no slouch with regards to threat.

    based on these comparisons, the tuskguard is an overall, or general, better peice. maybe you could gem the goggles to be an avoidance alternative.

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