Post: General Do you oppose the new post-patch "ez-raid" idea?
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You don't know anything about what anyone here does or does not do outside of game. Let's not make insulting statements based on stereotypes with no factual knowledge.

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The point most of you seem to miss is Blizzard is a company that likes to make money to stay in business.

a) Sell 10% of their accounts and cater to the elite folks who play 20+ hours a week.

b) Sell 90% of their account to casual users who play a few hours a week.

As you can well imagine, option a means a much smaller membership with a much higher cost per account since they use up more resources. Option b means maximum profit. Catering to the option b folks is a sound business model. Obviously Blizzard has account data from the many folks who have cancelled their accounts over the years they have been running. I would suspect that they have adjusted their model to suit the data. More solo ability, more smaller group ability ...

You can not like it because you happen to be in the 10%, but frankly at the end of the day you cost Blizzard money. If it wasn't for the other 90% you would not even be here so loose the elitist attitude. It the unwashed masses that *let* you be elite. Without them, you would be paying $150 a month to play as Blizzard would switch to a time based billing system to remain in business.

If you run out of content after levelling one of everything and maxing all professions before the next content update, perhaps you might like to really think about getting a life.