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    Quick Question

    Hey sorry if this has already been hashed out somewhere in these forums but i was looking as some WWS for Bruts and i saw a few wars in the high 3k dps range and one or two hitting 4k.

    Now one of them was using a DW MS build and their dmg was swing/execute/deep wounds. But most of them had glaives and where rocking the pre 3.0 fury build, obviously a little different cuz of bloodsurge and such.

    I tested TG out with about 280ish raid buffed hit rating 47crit, a steady 3700AP procs about 4500 around 150ish haste and was pulling 2500-2800s.

    Soooooooo idk if im doing something wrong or if these other specs are just hell of alot better atm cuz of the hit penalty. Also im sure the 5% chance is gonna be very nice and make TG alot better but until then i just wanted to see if i could get some clarification.

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    You're prolly not factoring in the effects of Imp Totems, Bloodlust, Elixirs of demon slaying, etc... on them, that's a LOT of haste from Bloodlust and the Windfury totems. I'd say get an ehance shammy friend with you and try out the dps tests.

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    TG doesn't have Deep Wounds.

    Glaives with Deep Wounds deals sick damage right now, if your crit is high enough. The offhand hits do mainhand DW damage, or something like that, which makes a slow MH + fast OH + high crit = CRAPTON of DPS from Deep Wounds.

    Your DPS is likely lower because you don't have any Deep Wounds damage.

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