OK, I am having trouble wrapping my head around the gearing for our various roles post-patch. I was pretty confident pre-patch, but now everything seems to be thrown in the air. All I have seen thus far is a bunch of E-peen posts on how much damage so-and-so did, and how many mobs such-and-such tanked. I would like to know if we are working towards a consensus on gearing priorities for our new roles.

I see three roles for us:

1. Instance/Raid tanking - DPS is now a priority for tanks; I have read that tanks are doing 900 dps in heroics. So how did you gear for this? Are we maintaining uncrittability and then stacking SBV/Str? How does crit fit in? Or are we throwing uncrittablility out of the window in order to max our damage, since we seem to be tearing through these places? I guess I am trying to make sense of my priorities now.

One thought is that it seems as though healer mana is the limiting factor on speed-pulling and keeping many mobs on you at once. So I guess we would do best in our traditional tank threat set. Or are we to try on some dps pieces as well?

2. Single Target DPS - For when we are not tanking, I have read that we just don our old max-dps gear, and a shield instead of the old badge offhand, and go to town. Do we still stack Str/AP like we used to? Obviously strength is better than AP. Is AP still preferable over crit, or is crit gaining in importance? Basically I am wondering how to tweak my old DW-devastate gear set, which stacked Str and AP after I reached about 120 hit.

3. AoE Grinding - I think this is just gearing for SBV and otherwise our old tank gear so we can survive the long grind. Right?

I appreciate any input.