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Thread: T6 Gemming question

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    T6 Gemming question

    I've read a lot of information stating as a rule of thumb when gemming for socket bonus

    Red = STR
    Yellow = Defense
    Blue = Stam

    I'm currently sitting with 8 red dodge gems in my gear and having a REALLY hard time justifying to myself losing 80 dodge rating for 80 Str.

    I've looked back over the forums and cant seem to find those posts. They've dissapeared. :/ With sunwell radiance gone that will be a huge buff to my avoidance in there - but that partially makes me want to keep driving avoidance higher. The mitigation from STR is appealing but 40 BV prebuff hardly seems worth it in comparison to 4% dodge roughly, or am I on crack?

    For a point of reference my stats are...

    15956 unbuffed HP
    541 Defense
    30.46 Dodge
    19.46 Parry
    26.52 Block (660 value (Missed my meta and regemming for that in about 10 minutes))

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    I am in essentially the exact same situation. I had committed to the idea of dropping all my dodge gems for str/stam gems, but figured I'd do a couple Sunwell raids to check things out for myself first.

    I would be very interested in hearing about other people's experiences with T6 content.

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    I have never gemmed for dodge , not even in sunwell, and now you have dr on dodge too. The bosses hit alot less harder now, so loosing dodge is not an issue. No lie I tanked brutalis with 22% (unbuffed) dodge after the patch and didnt have any problems. Regem stam, and then use swicth out some stuff for dps gear if you want more damage/threat (trinkets, ranged slot, rings being the most obvious choice).

    For the gear you are wearing your hp is dam low, and your avoidance is not even that much higher than mine , but my threat and eh is gonna be higher than yours, the gear you are wearing is sort of eh gear, and so gem for that imo , although feel free to use +12 def meta if u want. I dont think theres any use in putting strength gems in my t6 gear, as if i want more damage i just use dps gear in certain slots. When i want avodance, i just use different gear and trinkets, i still feel +15 stam and +5 agi 7 stam (maybe 5 str , 7 stam instead in the red slots) are the best for our t6 gear.
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    I'm with Donjuan, I'm getting my T6 now after the nerf with the nerf to boss hits and our defense I'm putting agi/stam or str/stam in red slots and def/stam in yellows. With the higher str on T6 i'm at 1419 AP in tank gear, not sure what it does for my survivability but my fun level is sure up.

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