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Thread: Thunder O' Fury

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tengaaris View Post
    Is this still assuming the Bloodthirst spec you mentioned earlier? I tried it in my normal 15/5/51 spec with around 300 FR (with other pieces being ilvl 213ish) and only managed 40% or so. I was in the tunnel, up on the ledge at Garr's end, running back and forth to stay out of the inferno. So the falling damage was nil - it was just the gradual attrition of fire damage that got me. So I'm wondering if the healing from Bloodthirst would be enough to offset this.

    The changes to resistance make it much more predictable, but also harder or impossible to get the full 100% resists like we used to see.
    Yeap, it works. Took almost 40 min and had to kill 3 spawning dogs. But I had to equip the BT glyph also for it to be enough.

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    Yay my second binding finally - sexy orange sword time - I shall definitely be using it next week for raiding, maybe tank patchwerk with it and see what difference it makes to overall threat just so I can gauge for myself.
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    I finally solo'd both Garr and Geddon last night. I went and killed Magmadar (It is possible to dodge Lucifron) after a repopped Core hound ruined me with 150K to go. The Geddon fight takes around 20mins.

    Gear & Spec

    Also using a Glyph of Bloodthirst


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    Is there a way to solo farm the Elementium Ore? I got Baron's binding last week and started to think about farming these Ore on the way. BWL just sucks for soloing, i tank the 1st boss to dead and he Xploded, GG poor lil tauren :\

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