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Thread: WOTLK Feral Druid Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fendi View Post
    I'd still be interested in seeing someone's spec including Pulv though.
    My Current Bear Spec

    Above is my current tanking spec, with Pulverize included. In my last post, I had stated that Pulverize gives you a 3% buff even when it doesn't consume a lacerate tick. That was incorrect, as you have to consume a lacerate tick in order to gain the buff that it grants. 3% per stack of lacerate consumed.

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    I've actually been having trouble with threat on my druid in single target. I definitely seen a lot less threat than I do on my other tanks (pally and warrior). I think it has something to do with my rotation:

    Mangle > Pulverize (if expiring) > Lacerate

    I make sure to get up Demo Roar and Faerie Fire off the bat and maintain them if they are about to fall off. I am using Maul whenever I have about 65+ rage as well.

    I am wondering if maybe I should be using Faerie Fire on cooldown as the post on the previous page suggests, but in the back of my head I thought I remembered Faerie Fire being inferior to Lacerate threat at one point (I could be smoking something though).

    I's there something else I should be doing?

    Edit: As a side note, I do tend to try to gem with hybrids (stamina + agility), should I just being go full agility gems where possible?

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    help me be a better player

    Feral Tank Needs Help
    not shure what is wrong with my spec. but im geting hit realy hard. does not seem like im dodgeing the swings. im also losing ability to hold agro my Current Spec . i had reforged my gear not even shure if i'v refoged it corectly to the specs i need as a feral tank.
    i'v also searched online to find out what cap levels i need and not able to find them. all i know is iv used darksend wolk guide it worked awsome if i can please get some help to be come a better player that would be awsome thank . you

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    Quote Originally Posted by jere View Post
    As a side note, I do tend to try to gem with hybrids (stamina + agility), should I just being go full agility gems where possible?
    Keep spamming FF as part of your rotation. That free threat right there. Lac uses rage and FF is free . I just macro it with maul works well for me.

    With gems its I'd say 30%+ dodge is a must as far as I know, from there I drop a mix of Stamina and Agility and Agility and Dodge gems. If you have a red socket stick the Delicate Inferno Ruby in it always.

    @AbbyGale you dodge seems a little low I really wouldn't worry about hit and exp cap too much and just go all out dodge. You might want to farm the armor trinket from VP heroic too drops off last boss.

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    @Shiftmojo: While FFF may be rage-free threat, it still requires the use of a GCD (While FFF's GCD is only 1 second, unlike everything else's 1.5 second). TPGCD, if you will, at higher gear levels tends to point towards Lacerate spamming, instead of hitting FFF on CD.

    You should also be able to get 30% dodge without gemming, only through reforging. The gemming is there for that added bonus (And some extra AP/Crit for you as well), though you should never throw in a +dodge gem. The majority of your green/purple gems should be Mastery/Stam and/or Agility/Stam

    My current gemming philosophy looks as such:
    Red: Delicate Inferno Ruby (Delicate Chimaera's Eye for JCs)
    Yellow: Adept Ember Topaz
    Blue: Puissant Dream Emerald or Shifting Demonseye

    @AbbyGale: You should not be reforging into Hit/Expertise. In fact, these are the first two stats that you want to reforge AWAY. All of your reforges should be going into Dodge. Also, your spec should drop Nurturing Instinct, as it only applies to you while you are in cat form. You can place one point into Stampede, for a little bit of haste at the start of a fight/you moving back to a mob/boss. It helps out with rage generation, making it a little more plentiful, allowing you to Maul a little more often. The last point you need to place is to finish off 3/3 in Fury Swipes. Fury swipes is a rage free, big hitting ability. It hits as hard as a Mangle. It is a random proc on auto-attack, and costs 0 rage, does not affect your GCD's at all. This ability, you can safely call, free threat.
    Reforging your gear, you want to maintain high Crit and Mastery, while reforging everything else into dodge. If the piece is nothing but crit and mastery, I personally always choose crit, unless the amount of dodge rating gained by choosing mastery would be 150% of the amount that reforging crit into dodge would be.

    @jere: I tend to find myself hitting Thrash often, you should too. Has great upfront damage (I've seen a 8k crit on the initial hit, which is more threat than a lacerate), and the ticks are extra threat while you mangle/lacerate away at the target. It's also extra DPS that you are doing, helping the fight end sooner. (Thrash is also the first button you should be hitting when pulling an AE pack.)

    If there's anything I failed to address, let me know.
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